02 November 2009

Prince William escapes the English winter for sunny Australia

Prince William will escape the cold English winter and visit Australia during summer early next year, Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced.

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Prince William will visit Australia early next year, taking in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Prince of Wales will travel to Sydney and Melbourne from January 19-21, after asking the Australian Federal Government if he could visit Australia "so as to begin to get to know Australia and its people'', Mr Rudd said.

"The Prince will also use the visit to learn more about local Indigenous issues and visit the bushfire-ravaged countryside in Victoria,'' Mr Rudd said.

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The Prince of Wales will visit Australia after first travelling to New Zealand to officially open the new Supreme Court in Wellington.

It will be the Prince's first visit to Australia as an adult, having only previously visited with the Prince and Princess of Wales a year after his birth in 1983.

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