01 November 2012

Tourism Australia announces biggest ever campaign targeting working holiday visa holders

Tourism Australia has announced its biggest ever marketing campaign aimed at bringing more backpackers on an Australian working holiday visa to the country.

Australia visa

Tourism Australia is hoping to attract more backpackers with its biggst marketing campaign to date.

The announcement comes in the wake of the government’s intention to raise Australia visa prices across the board as of next year.

While the price of a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is expected to increase by AU$80(£50), Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy doubts the price increase will deter many young people for taking advantage of the excellent opportunities on offer on a working holiday.

"The youth market contributes more than a quarter of all Australia's international arrivals and these visitors tend to stay longer and disperse widely,” said Mr McEvoy.

"For many young people, the working holiday make visa program provides the economic means to fund travel plans, and this will be the inspiration behind our future new campaign."

Over 1.5 million young people visited Australia in the year to June this year and research carried out by BDA Marketing Planning showed Australia's coastal, aquatic and wildlife experiences to be the main draw for most.

However, the report, commissioned by Tourism Australia, also said more needed to be done to highlight the country's culinary and wine offerings.

Given the targeted demographic for the new campaign is young backpackers eager for the life affirming experience on offer in Australia, Tourism Australia Chairman Geoff Dixon said more would be done to ensure the campaigns are accessible to young people, meaning more and more digitalised methods.

"There is a seismic shift from marketing through traditional mediums to digital and social media platforms," said Mr Dixon.

"It is my view that our industry's ability to capitalise on this shift will be vital to our future success."


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