01 October 2009

Population to hit 22 million today thanks to Australia immigration, birth rate

Today, Australia's population was expected to hit 22 million and the milestone person was most likely to be someone emigrating to Australia and passing through customs.

Emigration to Australia

Emigration to Australia is one factor helping to increase Australia's population, which was expected to hit 22 million today.

Australia's population is growing faster than predicted two years ago, with a recent estimate showing Australia with a population of 35 million by 2049.

It is expected that two thirds of the growth will be from those emigrating to Australia and the rest through Australian births.

A baby boom in Australia, helped by generous cash baby grants to new parents from the Government, has resulted in a record 300,000 births last year.

It is expected that large inland cities such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Albury Wodonga, Launceston and Toowoomba, which currently have more than 100,000 people, will grow further from the emigration to Australia as people move out from the capital cities for lifestyle and more affordable housing.

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