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Australian Travel Visa - ETA (Electronic Travel Authority)

All travellers to Australia need a visa.  UK and Irish passport holders can apply online for an INSTANT Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa.

How to Apply for an INSTANT ETA Travel Visa

ETA visas are processed INSTANTLY and linked electronically to your passport.

Your ETA will be verified automatically when you check in for  your flight to Australia and by an Australian Immigration officer when you arrive.

Other Australian travel Visa options

ETA - Travel Visa

The ETA Travel Visa is an instant online visa linked to your passport. It is valid for visits of less than 3 months. You must obtain a valid ETA before travelling to Australia.

ETA - Business Visa

The ETA Business Visa is similar to the tourist ETA, however it is meant for business travellers to Australia. A business ETA is valid for visits of up to 3 months.

Long-Stay Travel Visa

The Long-Stay Tourist Visa allows you to visit Australia for up to 12 months at a time, depending on your travel plans. You can apply online for a Long-Stay Tourist Visa.

Long-Validity Business ETA

The Long-Validity Business ETA is for frequent business travellers to Australia. It is valid for the life if your passport and for visits of up to 3 months.