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Australian Visa Options for South Africans

The Australian Visa Bureau provides visa services for South African migrants to Australia.

Skilled Migration Visas

Applicants who wish to apply for permanent migration to Australia can apply through the Australian General Skilled Migration Programme. The programme aims to meet current skills shortages by attracting skilled migrants. Skilled Tradespeople and Health Professionals are in particular demand.

Other Australian Visa Services

For more information, please choose a visa from the list below. 

Skilled independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa is a permanent visa for skilled workers who want to live in Australia. The visa grants full work and settlement rights, but carries the highest points pass mark.

Skilled Sponsored Visa

There are a variety of Skilled Sponsored Visas for people with family in Australia, or who are willing to be sponsored by a State or Territory government

Spouse Partner & Fiance Visas

The spouses, partners and Fiances of Australian citizens and permanent residents may be able to migrate to Australia through Spouse and Partner Migration.

Business Visas

Successful business owners, investors and senior executives can migrate to Australia on a Business Visa, where they can develop new or existing businesses.