Visa Bureau Partner Testimonials

Visa Bureau has forged partnerships and worked with a number of select companies on certain projects. On this page are just a few mentions of businesses who have helped Visa Bureau provide the highest possible level of service to our visa and immigration clients.

Rough Guide

As part of the ETA visa application process, we wanted to offer a range of exclusive products to successful applicants.  With that in mind, we spoke to Doring Kindersley (DK) about helping create a downloadable travel guide that we could provide to our clients, and we knew that DK's established Rough Guides brand would be ideal. 

They created the 'Quick Rough Guide to Australia', which acted as a highly visual downloadable guidebook that showcased the very best Australia had to offer. 

See more how Rough Guide helped Visa Bureau here

Comtec Enterprises / Oak Telecom

We speak to hundreds of people a day regarding their visa applications and, in order to provide the best possible service, we looked to Comtec Enterprises to provide us with the means to record calls and ensure that we would always have access to the conversations we'd had with clients.

They recommended Oak Telecom, who stepped up and provided a call recording solution that integrates nicely with our internal software, as well as supporting other requirements.

You can see more on how Oak Telecom helped Visa Bureau on their website. You can also see a PDF case study summarising the Visa Bureau project on the Comtec Enterprises site.

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