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by Stephanie 21/10/2009 16:25:00

Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson started her trip in Los Angeles, then on to San Francisco, Maui and now here in Australia. Alex has blogged about her entire trip so far on her own blog, One Way Ticket To Everywhere... this is her first post from landing in Oz.

Plans are slowly and surely progressing during the time we've spent here in the suburbs of Sydney, our flight to the Gold Coast is today, Saturday September 5th (we'll try not to miss this one!) and we're ready to embrace the exctingly named Surfers Paradise for three months and all it has to offer.

We're booked into a hostel for the first couple of nights as we won't have any long term accomodation but hope to find somewhere cool quickly and then the jobs and routine will follow. I'm also planning to buy a trusty bicycle to carry me and my kitesurfng gear down to the beach whenever I feel like a sesh, that'll be everyday then! Apparently the distances are manageable there and not like the sprawling mass of cityscape that was LA.

So for now it's all about doing some sight-seeing with the Dobrees. Yesterday Mary took Loz and I up to the famous Blue Mountains which are situated a couple of hours drive out of Sydney and are home to The Three Sisters (a rock formation on the edge of the gauge). They're called the Blue Mountains because of all the eucalyptus gum trees in the gauge that give off a blue glow in the light, at least I think that's what Mary said!

Right, time to pack the bag...

- Interested in hearing more about Alex's Australian working holiday adventures? Let us know in the comments!

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25/10/2009 10:11:17

Hi! I'm doing the same kind of thing as you with traveling Australia and keeping a blog. Given, I'm a terrible it's not as interesting! Smile Anyways, I am on the Gold Coast for a few months as well and don't know anyone here and would love to meet up!


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