How to enter

You have made the decision to pack up for a year or so and embark on a great adventure, and probably learnt a lot about yourself and travelling already.

Perhaps you have a great story about learning to surf on the Gold Coast, or some beautiful campfire photos from a trek into the outback, or a video of you climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Even if you are only getting ready to leave but have come up with the perfect way to pack a backpack, blog it!

Send your blog entry in via email, with photos or edited video attached and the word “Australia” in the subject box, to . 

Include your full name and a contact phone number, but don’t worry we won’t be publishing that last detail but we might need it to help issue the prizes.

Don’t forget to read the Best Blog in the World terms and conditions, just so you know how everything is going to work.

It is as simple as that!

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