31 March 2011

American girl returns home after being deported by US immigration

A 4-year-old American girl has been returned to her family on Long Island, NY after being deported to Guatemala by US immigration officials.


Emily Ruiz has been returned to her family after being deported to Guatemala by US immigration officials.

The girl, Emily Ruiz, had been separated from her parents for almost three weeks after being initially refused entry upon travelling to the US with her grandfather by US immigration officials.

Emily, who was born in the US to undocumented immigrants, had been on holiday in Guatemala with her grandfather to see relatives. However, upon returning to the United States via Washington's Dulles Airport with her grandfather, both were denied entry on the basis of an illegal entry in the '90s being flagged

According to the family's lawyer, Emily's father was then contacted by phone and presented with two choices: return to Guatemala with her grandfather or be held at a juvenile facility.

While the father maintains that the option to come and collect Emily was never presented to him, United States Customs and Border Protection officials have said that their agency does not deport US citizens and her parents would have been told that they could have come to pick Emily up.

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