19 March 2008

Bill could increase US immigration

A bill in the US is being considered which would increase the number of people allowed to enter the country through US immigration. The bill, known as the Innovation Employment Act has called for an increase in the number of H-1B visas issued every year to be doubled in order to help solve skills shortages in Arizona and other states.

CJ Karamargin, a spokesman for US Rep Gabrielle Giffords, who introduced the bill, said: "In order to stay competitive and keep the momentum going in Arizona, we need to make sure that the talent is here. It is just the type of people we want here to drive and grow our economy." He added that the bill was introduced by Giffords after hearing from Arizona IT leaders of the increasing need for an immigrant worker visa programme which brings talented employees to the US. The H-1B is a non-immigrant classification which is used by people who move to the country through US immigration who will be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation.

America needs skilled workers: anyone interested in American immigration should complete the American Visa Bureau's online American visa application to see if they qualify for an American visa.

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