18 November 2010

Philippines President orders investigation into explosives found near US Embassy

President Aquino of the Philippines has ordered the National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate the source of explosive devices found in a bag near the US Embassy yesterday.

US Embassy

The President of the Philippines has ordered an investigation into the explosive devices found near the US Embassy.

Mr Aquino said that the police and the NBI would do a full investigation to trace who these explosives were issued to and the circumstances surrounding their placement near the US Embassy  in Manila.

The discovery of a fragmentation grenade and grenade launcher in a bag near the US Embassy was made by a street sweeper.

Mr Aquino also said that the investigation would include "false bomb threats" and that even "the mere act of calling various establishments, various places and telling there is a bomb there which would soon explode, that should not be tolerated."

"We have to punish those who create panic," he said.

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