12 October 2011

Taiwan’s bid to join US visa waiver program gains traction

Taiwan has come a step closer to its goal of joining the US visa waiver program, claiming the support of key US legislators.

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Members of US Congress has pledged support to Taiwan in its bid to join the US visa-waiver program.

The Taiwan caucus in both houses of the US Congress have formally contacted Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou expressing support for including Taiwan in the US visa waiver program.

Letters sent from the Senate Taiwan Caucus - signed by senators Robert Menendez and James Inhofe - and Congressional Taiwan Caucus in the House of Representatives - signed by representatives Shelley Berkely, Phil Gingrey, Mario Diaz-Balart and Gerald Connolly - also praised Taiwan for recent economic and social reforms and improved relations with China.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has also sent a personal letter to the Taiwanese Government indicating her support for their bid to join the program.  The support comes as Taiwan celebrates its Double Ten National Day. 

The letters of support also mandated that the US would continue to supply arms to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act.

The citizens of member states of the US visa waiver program are eligible to visit the United States for 90 days or less without completing a formal US visa application process. Australia, New Zealand  and the UK are all members of the visa waiver program as are most member states of the European Union.

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