03 June 2009

American visa application relaxed for crime victims

The government is clearing the path for the American visa application for victims of crime and human trafficking, so that they can secure permanent residency and US work permits while waiting for their American visa applications to be processed.

According to the Inquirer.net, the United State Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) is looking to make conditions easier for people who are victims of crime or human trafficking while they wait to have their American visa application decided upon.

The report quotes a copy of the key recommendations made by the USCIS on the 22 May, which says the USCIS "recognizes that T and U non-immigrant applicants are a vulnerable population and will continue to ensure that our policies and procedures are legally sound and reflect the humanitarian nature of, and law enforcement purposes for, the classification."

The T visa is an American visa that provides US immigration status to people that have suffered from traumatising human trafficking experiences, while the U visa provides US immigration status  to those who have suffered physically or mentally as part of a crime and are willing to aid police in further investigations.

The purpose of the American visas is to support those victims who are brought to the US against their will and suffer from domestic violence, assault and trafficking crimes. 

Those on the T or U American visa who lodge an American visa application may be able to apply for an application fee waiver, and during the time that their American visa application is being decided upon, may have the option to work or find alternative employment.

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