LateNights v2.0 2018-09-25T14:53:542018-09-25T14:53:54South Africa considers adding visa requirement for British tourists South African government is reportedly considering adding a visa requirement for British tourists following a diplomatic row over foreign aid.Third city to allow China visa-free visits, the country's third largest city, is to follow Shanghai and Beijing in allowing short term visitors to spend time in the city without the need for a China visa.New Sri Lankan airport opens new $200 million airport has officially been opened in Sri Lanka, offering the country's rapidly developing tourism industry the opportunity to further expand.Sri Lanka's record year Sri Lanka continues its emergence after decades of civil war, the country's burgeoning tourism industry celebrated a record year in 2012 by welcoming its one millionth tourist.Temporary China visa program to be rolled out new temporary China visa which will allow visitors to Beijing to spend up to 72 hours in the capital is due to come into effect in the New Year.Nigeria visa processing time to be cut to 48 hours's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olugbenga Ashiru, has said Nigeria visa processing times need to be drastically cut in order to promote investment and tourism to the country.Former US Ambassador denied China visa former US Ambassador to China has been denied a China visa to enter the country.Cuba visa for foreign travel abolished Cuban government has announced plans to remove the requirement for Cuban citizens to obtain an exit visa before travelling abroad.Beijing to waive China visa requirement for short stays has recently announced visitors the capital city will no longer require a China visa if their stay is less than 72 hours.