09 Mar 11

Chinese Visa hurdle for India’s Northeastern states

The Chinese consulate in the Northeastern states of India no longer issues China Visas, placing another hurdle for Indians who wish to visit China.
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09 Feb 11

Taiwanese importer welcomes Schengen visa waiver

A Taiwanese importer of European cars has welcomed Taiwan's acceptance into the European Union's Schengen Visa waiver program.
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26 Jan 11

India Visa on arrival for Myanmar, Indonesia citizens

India has extended the Indian Tourist Visa on arrival scheme for citizens of Myanmar and Indonesia.
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07 Jan 11

More than 6,500 tourists issued India Visa on-arrival in 2010

The on-arrival India Visa program for five countries has been called a success after tourism figures show 6,549 tourists used the visa in 2010.
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31 Dec 10

On arrival India Visa now available to four more countries

The Indian Government has announced it will extend the India visa on arrival scheme to include the citizens of five more countries from the beginning of 2011.
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22 Dec 10

Warnings against Schengen Visa program including Bulgaria, Romania

France and Germany have jointly warned the European Commission that Bulgaria and Romania do not yet fulfill the requirements for entering the continent's visa-free travel zone, a spokesman for Germany's interior ministry said.
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08 Dec 10

Mandatory HIV testing no longer required for Indian Visa application

The Indian Government has announced that foreign nationals coming to India will no longer have to sign an undertaking regarding their HIV status in their visa forms.
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11 Oct 10

New Indian Visa class for foreign experts

The Indian Government has announced it will create a special class of Indian Vida under the “E” category for power and steel projects.
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24 Sep 10

Government to jail Thailand Visa overstayers

The Thailand Immigration Department has introduced harsher penalties for people overstaying a valid visa in a bid to ensure foreigners do not flout visa rules.
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04 Aug 10

EU entry will ease Schengen Visa process for Turkish citizens

Turkey is expected to renew its focus on the country’s EU accession negotiations after its constitutional referendum, with an expectation that the European Union will work harder to facilitate easier visa processing.
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25 May 10

Chinese immigration law to change to attract more foreigners

China has started immigration law reform as the world’s fastest economy seeks overseas skilled workers to boost its economy.
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