29 May 2009

Serbians no longer need Russian visa to visit for 30 days

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The Serbian government has signed an agreement to allow their nationals to enter Russian without a Russian visa for up to 30 days, reports the Balkan Insight.

The Russian visa agreement is a reciprocal negotiation between the two countries so that nationals can easily move between the borders for short-term visits.

"The agreement signed on February 20 in Moscow will make travel from one country to the other easier for citizens with valid passports. They will be able to enter and remain on the territory of the other country for up to 30 days without a visa," the ministry said in a statement.

Serbians who are exempt from needing a Russian visa include those who have a temporary residence permit in the territory of Russia, accredited personnel from diplomatic offices, consular sections and the offices of international organisations, and family members who have diplomatic or special passports (special/diplomatic passport holders can have up to 90 days visa-free).  The same conditions are expected of Russians entering Serbia for up to 30 days.

Those needing to enter Russia for purposes of business or education will still need to apply for a Russian visa, and vice versa. 

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