11 October 2010

New Indian Visa class for foreign experts

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The Indian Government has announced it will create a special class of Indian Vida under the ā€œEā€ category for power and steel projects.

The move is in response to concerns that capacity addition targets are not being met because of the difficulty in employing foreign personnel after the Indian Visa rules were tightened since last year.

Power secretary P Uma Shankar and the Central Electricity Authority had told the Planning Commission in August that generation projects using not been able to achieve their targets for the quarter.

Progress in many projects had slowed because Indian visa restrictions forced promoters to hire local unskilled or semi-skilled workers.

The ministry of home affairs has now decided as part of a sector-specific dispensation, that new power and steel projects may have foreign skilled manpower up to 10 per cent of the workforce employed per million tonne or megawatt capacity, or 300 persons, whichever is lower. For expansion projects of existing plants, this number will be 5 per cent, or 150 persons.

Power and cement projects will now also be allowed to employ two foreign chefs and translators/interpreters under the “E” category.

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