07 January 2011

More than 6,500 tourists issued India Visa on-arrival in 2010

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The on-arrival India Visa program for five countries has been called a success after tourism figures show 6,549 tourists used the visa in 2010.

The India Visa scheme was introduced Jan 1, 2010 for citizens of five countries   Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore – and has recently been expanded to include tourists from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines in 2011.

According to a ministry statement, 1,944 tourists from New Zealand, 1,814 from Singapore, 1,457 from Japan, 1,263 from Finland and 71 from Luxembourg used the on-arrival India Visa.

In December alone, 905 such visas were issued: New Zealand (340), Japan (216), Singapore (191), Finland (140) and Luxembourg (18).

Delhi airport was the most popular point of entry for tourists, with 3,493 visas issued, followed by Mumbai 1,511, Chennai 1,211, and Kolkata 334.

This India Visa allows a single entry for stays of up to 30 days on payment of a $60 fee or equivalent amount in Indian rupees per passenger - including children.

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