04 August 2010

EU entry will ease Schengen Visa process for Turkish citizens

Turkey is expected to renew its focus on the country’s EU accession negotiations after its constitutional referendum, with an expectation that the European Union will work harder to facilitate easier visa processing.

Turkey’s efforts to harmonise its standards with those of the European Union, part of the accession process, has proceeded slowly during the Government’s spring session because of the focus on the constitutional amendments.

However, the Government has announced it will try to pass some pending laws relevant to these negotiations in October and November.

The EU visa deal would ease the procedures required for Turkish citizens to obtain a Schengen Visa for EU countries, which allows travellers to enter multiple member states using a single visa.

Facilitated entry is also being sought for Turks who travel for business, cultural, educational or scientific purposes.

The Turkish Government has already introduced biometric passports and joint border management regulations to meet pre-conditions expected before the Schengen Visa facilitation is implemented.

The European Council is expected to discuss the visa issue in October.

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