30 July 2008

Foreign students to the UK can extend their visas by one year

Students with a visa to the UK will now be able to stay in the country for an extra year on the same permit. Under the current rules foreign students can work in the country for one year after graduating, but from next year it is expected this will be extended to two years, reports the Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, students make up the largest group of long-term visitors to Britain, accounting for 1.6 million visas to the UK over the past five years. It is expected that Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister, will announce the increase today.

Under the plans it is thought Mr Byrne will launch a plan to crack down on bogus colleges, with each student needing a genuine certificate of sponsorship from the higher-education establishment, reports the newspaper. It was recently revealed immigration to the UK boosts the economy by £1,650 per head, according to the Home Office.

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