29 May 2009

New UK business visa on the cards

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A new UK business visa has been announced by the British government. Still in the planning stages, the UK visa will be a visit visa for businessmen to enter the country for short periods of time.

The new UK business visa will clarify the purpose of the visit for businessmen for the UK immigration authorities, but more importantly, draw more businessmen to the UK by making the UK visa application process easier.

Travellers on this short-term UK business visa will be able to attend meetings and conferences, arrange deals, negotiate or sign trade agreements and contracts, check details or goods for their business, visit sites and conduct promotional activities.

The government says that the new UK visa is an attempt to maintain the UK's tough competitiveness in the international business and investment sectors.

Two other new visitor visas will be launched alongside the short-term UK business visa; including new UK visas for sportspeople and entertainers, so that the UK can remain open to a greater range of short-term visits. 

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