25 August 2009

UK visa rules could affect more sporting clubs

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Rugby Football League communications manager Craig Spence has called for clearer UK immigration rules, admitting that other clubs could face similar visa problems to Celtic Crusaders' recent nightmare.

Six of the Welsh side's Australian players were told recently they face deportation for breaching UK visa regulations.

"This could affect other clubs because of the visas some players are on," Spence told the Super League Show.

"It is not good for the game and we are looking forward to receiving the UK Border Agency's report."

Celtic captain Jace van Dijk, top try-scorer Tony Duggan, Damien Quinn, Darren Mapp, Mark Dalle Cort and Josh Hannay were the six players forced to leave the country.

Spence said: "This issue is regarding players being on working or holiday-maker visas from the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Now we've looked into it and there are 13 others clubs that employ players on the same visas.

"So we need to find out why these six players are being singled out or have they done something wrong with their visa applications and that's why they've been deported.

"I think the UK Border Agency need to be clearer on their current rules. They have changed their rules here three times in the last nine years."


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