23 March 2011

Student UK Visa overhaul outlined by British Government

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced changes to the student visa system which includes tougher entrance criteria, limits on work entitlements and the closure of the post-study work route.

UK Visa

The Home Secretary has announced changes to the UK Visa rules for students.

The announcement follows a major public consultation on reforming Tier 4 of the UK Visa points-based system.

The main changes are as follows:

The government has also pledged to develop a new entrepreneur route for bright and innovative students who have a business idea and want to make it work in the UK.

The Home Secretary said: “International students not only make a vital contribution to the UK economy but they also help make our education system one of the best in the world. But it has become very apparent that the old student visa regime failed to control immigration and failed to protect legitimate students from poor-quality colleges.

“The changes I am announcing today re-focus the student route as a temporary one, available to only the brightest and best. The new system is designed to ensure students come for a limited period, to study, not work, and make a positive contribution while they are here,” she said.
The government has committed to reforming all routes of entry to bring UK immigration levels under control. 

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