19 May 2009

Students urged to check their UK visa application

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The UK Border Agency has been urged to double check their UK visa application before lodging to the government under the Tier 4 category of the points-based system.

All students lodging a UK visa application under Tier 4 category are reminded that the visa letter issued to applicants from their licensed education provider is correct in all its details, otherwise their UK visa application will be rejected. 

It is the responsibility of persons or migration agents lodging the UK visa application to ensure all details are correct, even if the UK visa letter was approved by the education provider.

Sponsors of migrants in the Tier 4 category are also reminded that the UK Border Agency has had to reject a significant number of UK visa applications because the UK visa letter contained incorrect details. 

The UK Border Agency provides guidelines for sponsors (or licensed education providers) to draft a UK visa letter in accordance with the requirements of the points-based system, so that there is a greater ratio of correct UK visa applications being received and approved for the UK student visa programme.

The UK Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in UK visa and immigration services.

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