16 July 2008

UK keeps New Zealand ancestry visa

The UK Government has decided to keep the New Zealand ancestry visa, meaning people from New Zealand who have a grandparent born in Britain can work and live there for up to five years. Plans were released from the British Home Office detailing how the ancestry visa to the UK could be abolished, but the Home Office now reassures the ancestry visa will remain available to New Zealanders.

In a press release yesterday, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark announced the plans to change the ancestry visa program have been dropped. Ms Clark said the move would mean "New Zealanders will continue to enjoy good access to Britain", adding: "It reflects the huge goodwill towards New Zealand in Britain". She also stated it would mean the "traditional overseas experience" could continue for New Zealanders needing a UK visa.

New Zealand is currently campaigning for more British travellers to apply for a working holiday visa to New Zealand. The New Zealand Government is returning the goodwill to UK citizens by allowing British travellers on a working holiday visa to New Zealand to stay for 11 months longer than travellers from other countries.

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their current position under UK visa regulations should request a call from a qualified UK Visa Bureau migration consultant to see if they are eligible for migration to the UK, or call direct on Freephone 0800 043 7011. Alternatively, HSMP visa hopefuls should try taking the HSMP online assessment.

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