14 November 2008

Panel to examine UK's new immigration system

Leading MP Keith Vaz this week said the changes to the UK immigration system that have been introduced in stages throughout 2008 will be reviewed by the Home Affairs Committee to evaluate its effectiveness, reports The Hindu News.

Vaz, who is Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee and a former Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said in statement on Wednesday night that he feels the new system has not been introduced at a slow enough rate, and that more time is needed to properly give the entire system a review.

He also called for clarification of the Government's UK immigration policy so that potential migrants and UK employers can make concrete plans for the future.

"I welcome the clear statement by the Home Office regarding which work areas will be open to non-EU migrants and I also welcome the recognition that there is a need for skilled chefs from abroad to come and work in our restaurants.  This is a significant victory for all those who have been campaigning on this issue," he said.

The MP also criticised that the government did not put in enough effort to make UK businesses aware of the impending changes to the UK immigration system, whereby employers who want to hire workers outside the EEA will need to have a sponsorship licence.  As a result, very few employers have registered as sponsors.

Vaz also recommended the Government holds off from introducing more tiers of the new system until his committee had finished their evaluations.

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Article by Jessica Bird, UK Visa Bureau.

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