14 July 2008

UK visa costs should be reduced to boost tourism

Calls have been made to reduce the cost of a visa to the UK for people entering the country. UKinbound, a tourism industry body, has added its name to the people asking for a reduction in the price of a UK visa, which currently stands at £207 person, including taxes and other charges.

A recent investigation from the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee said the high cost was a factor holding back the country's ability to attract visitors, reports TravelMole. The report from the government committee said: "We are deeply concerned that the consequences for tourism appear not to have been considered by the Home Office when the new visa charges were drawn up."

UKinbound echoed these thoughts, branding the recent budget cuts to VisitBritain as "baffling" and will "leave the national tourist board unable to fulfil some of its core functions". A standard tourism visa will entitle the holder to stay for no longer than six months and is issued on the basis the holder has enough money to live in and leave the country.

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their current position under UK visa regulations should request a call from a qualified UK Visa Bureau migration consultant to see if they are eligible for migration to the UK, or call direct on Freephone 0800 043 7011. Alternatively, HSMP visa hopefuls should try taking the HSMP online assessment.

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