14 March 2012

UK immigration puts its faith in technology

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UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has said the new technology to be implemented over the next few will keep the UK's borders 'genuinely secure, fluid and complete'.

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Immigration Minister Damian Green is expected to give a speech today at the Royal United Services Institute in London.

A review of the UK immigration authorities' processes has been underway after border checks were routinely foregone during peak times in summer 2011. The main difference thus far has been the breakaway of the UK Border Force from the UK Border Agency.

The UK Government came under much scrutiny in the light of revelations but Mr Green claims that new stricter UK visa restrictions, combined with increased use of technology is proof of the Government's dedication to border security.

"There can be no compromises on border security. In a dangerous world, our border is one of our main protections," Mr Green is expected to say in a statement today.

"By April this year we will have advanced sight of details for every passenger on non-EEA [European Economic Area] flights travelling to the UK.

"This 100% coverage puts us in a significantly better position than we were in when we came to power."

"Combined with our strict visa regime it means that all non-EEA passengers arriving from outside Europe will have been checked once, and many twice, while they are still thousands of miles from our passport controls."

The updates are to be implemented into the pre-existing e-borders system launched by the last Labour Government. The system is designed to store information on passengers entering and leaving the UK with aim of collating it all into a single database by 2014.

Mr Green, in a speech to the Royal United Services Institute in London is expected to say border security "is about making sure that we are in the right place at the right time with the right information to stop the source of the threat before it even reaches out shores.

"Over the coming years we will work hard with European partners, carriers and trade groups to further extend e-borders coverage to provide genuinely secure, fluid and complete e-borders for the United Kingdom."

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