13 March 2009

UK battling illegal immigrants from Calais

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Up to 1,500 asylum seekers are queuing up in Calais in the hope of catching a ride to the UK – where they feel is the land of opportunity to restart their lives.

Illegal immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Africa have found their way to the edge of France, only to see a move to the UK as their final option to set up a new life.  Some are paying up to £500 to cross the Channel, which has added to the thousands they have already incurred to get to that point.

According to the BBC, the French Government have decided to set up "light buildings", while ad hoc international and ethnic boundaries have settled across the town of Calais.  Afghans live in a shantytown known as "the Jungle", while Iraqis have their own encampment nearby and east Africans live in derelict buildings in the town centre.

After harsh treatment from the French Government, they are now receiving food, sanitation and information about their rights to asylum.  The move is sure to cause great concern in the UK, as it may give thousands more migrants the green light to migrate without a UK visa.

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