12 June 2008

Immigration in UK boosts the economy by £1,650 per head

Immigration to the UK has boosted the economy at a rate of £1,650 per Briton, according to new research. The Home Office has found the one million immigrants entering the UK in the past decade have created the increase in domestic product per capita, with the figure for last year being £300 per head. In this period, figures from the government showed 2.3 million people chose to move to the UK, according to Migrationwatch.

Liam Byrne, the Border and Immigration Minister, said: "The evidence is actually pretty clear. On average migrants are more likely to be in work, earn more and are therefore likely to be paying more tax, and are a lighter burden on public finances than those born in the UK." He added that UK immigration can "make Britain richer".

The report said migration also allows employers a greater choice and a wider labour market, meaning there is "an improved match between vacancies and available labour". It also said UK visa holders drive up the skills standard in the country across the general workforce.

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