11 May 2009

Australian cricketer finally gets UK visa application approved

Australian cricketer Chris Rogers had troubles having his UK visa application approved to start his role as the captain of the Derbyshire cricket team this month.

The skipper lodged his UK visa application in Canberra and only just had his visa approved on Friday, causing him to miss the start of his season in Britain. 

Derbyshire chief executive Keith Loring said the UK visa application was a long and arduous process, especially since it was initially rejected on a technicality.

This is not the first season Rogers has spent in the UK on a UK visa; last year he also played for Derbyshire and scored 1,372 first-class runs at an average of 57. 

Rogers is not the only offshore player to have had troubles with the UK visa application system since the introduction of the points-based system; league players particularly have had trouble trying to get into Britain for this season, including Michael Crocker and Greg Bird.

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