11 March 2011

Crusaders step closer to UK Visa for Australian players

Crusaders chief executive Rod Findlay is confident the club are closer to getting UK Visas for their three Australian players.

UK Visa

The Crusaders are hopeful their three Australian players will be granted a UK Visa.

The three players -  Rhys Hanbury, Frank Winterstein and Hep Cahill - are still in Australia because of UK Visa issues.

Yesterday Findlay met with representatives of the UK Borders Agency about the issue and is hopeful the players will soon join the team.

"The significance of the meeting was to move us from a B status to an A status which means that the players can apply for their visas immediately.

"So hopefully they should be with us in the next couple of weeks, but obviously we are taking it step by step,” he said.
In 2009, six of the Crusaders players were deported because they had the wrong UK Visa.

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