09 April 2010

Tory pledge to significantly cut UK immigration will do “great damage to British business”

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The Tory pledge to make a significant cut in immigration has been opposed by Gordon Brown who says it would do “great damage to British business”.

UK immigration

Tory plan for UK immigration has been opposed by Brown.

David Cameron insisted the party had raised the issue of UK immigration repeatedly but had been called racist by the Government.

“In the last 13 years this issue has not been handled well,” he said.

“The Government have refused to talk about it. Politicians aren't doing anybody any favours if we don't discuss immigration.”

The Tories propose transitional controls on immigration from new EU members, an annual cap on non-EU migration and a new border police force to bring levels down from 200,000 a year under Labour.

But Gordon Brown has said he opposes an immigration quota, saying it would do 'great damage to British business'.
UK immigration has become an even more controversial issue in the midst of the recession.

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