07 April 2010

Minister pushes for e-border inclusion for Isle of Man to improve UK immigration security

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Chief Minister Tony Brown has said the Isle of Man must be included in the UK’s e-border security system to ensure the current no-passport rules can continue.

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The Isle of Man maybe included in the UK immigration e-border.

The UK immigration e-border system monitors people entering and leaving the UK to help agencies detect criminals, and Manx ministers fear that this advance information gathering could be extended to Manx passengers if the island remains outside the border.

The ministers want the island inside the UK e-border to avoid the need for the checks, and if included it would mean the routine gathering of such information would only be required on direct routes between the island and places outside the United Kingdom.

Mr Brown said, "The Isle of Man Government's view is that to maintain current travel arrangements between the Island and the UK, we need to be on the inside of the e-border and should take the necessary steps to allow that to happen”.

The Council of Ministers are to seek Tynwald approval for the extension to laws governing the programme.

The government has said it would require carriers to provide information on passengers and agencies to share information likely to be useful for UK immigration, police or customs purposes.

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