06 October 2009

Changes for sponsors of migrants for UK work permit, UK student visa

Revised guidance for employers and education providers who sponsor migrants for UK work permits and UK student visas has been published by the UK Border Agency.

Tier 2 UK Work Permit

New guidence has been issued on Tier 2 UK Work Permit, Tier 5 UK Temporary Workers and Tier 4 UK Student Visa.

The sponsor guidance has now been split into separate documents for employers sponsoring under Tier 2 (UK Work Permit) and Tier 5 (UK Temporary Workers) under the new points-based system and for education providers sponsoring UK student visas (Tier 4).

Other changes include making the sponsorship management system available to UK Student Visa (Tier 4) sponsors, which allows them to issue confirmations of acceptance for studies (CAS).

Currently the sponsorship management system is available under a voluntary trial period until February 2010 enabling UK Student Visa sponsors to choose to issue the traditional visa letters or use the new system. From February next year CAS will completely replace visa letters.


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