06 June 2008

Home Office Committee looks into new UK immigration plans

A UK Home Office Committee has announced they will conduct a new inquiry into how the new immigration system will be introduced. The inquiry will focus on aspects such as the new points-based system and the Tier 1 High Skilled Migrant programme. The group will then consider the proposals put forward by the Government.

The inquiry will address the possible changes the new system has on education, sport and culture within the UK, in addition to the changes to the processes for people applying for a visa to the UK. The sponsorship programme for people wishing to gain a UK work permit will also be addressed, including the impact this will have on small to medium businesses. Over two million people have chosen to emigrate to the UK in the past 16 years, meaning the changes will have an impact on a large number of people.

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Committee, said: "It is vital that the Government effectively manages migration to and from the UK to meet the demands of our economy and manage pressures on our labour market. We therefore wish to examine the Government's plans for simplifying existing migration routes into this country through the new points-based migration system."

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their current position under UK visa regulations should request a call from a qualified UK Visa Bureau migration consultant to see if they are eligible for migration to the UK, or call direct on Freephone 0800 043 7011. Alternatively, HSMP visa hopefuls should try taking the HSMP online assessment.

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