02 December 2009

Crusaders face fine for players’ UK Visa irregularities

The Crusaders Rugby League Club face the possibility of a £60,000 fine over UK Visa irregularities that led to the deportation of six Australian-born players.

In September, Jace van Dijk, Tony Duggan, Damien Quinn, Josh Hannay, Darren Mapp and Mark Dalle Cort were all found to have breached entry conditions in a previous year and each had their UK Visa revoked.

The UK Border Agency investigated the case, and it was not considered appropriate to pursue a criminal prosecution against the Crusaders. However the club has been served with a civil penality notice for employing illegal workers.

The Crusaders now face a fine of up to £60,000 unless they can prove that they carried out the legally-required UK immigration checks before employing workers from outside Europe.

The sport’s governing body, the Rugby Football League, is also set to launch its own probe into the affair now that the UK Border Agency has concluded their investigations.

The six players involved are now prohibited from working in the UK.

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