01 November 2011

Bipartisan UK MPs call for urgent curb to migration intake

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Senior UK Members of Parliament on both sides of the chamber have warned that the UK population is at crisis point and that immigration must be decreased urgently.

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Senior UK MPs on both sides have called on the Government to curb immigration intake or see the UK population hit 70 million by 2027.

Conservative MP Nicholas Soames and Labour MP Frank Field have put aside partisan differences and issued a joint public warning that the UK population will reach 70 million by 2027 unless the flow of migrants is stemmed by the Uk Government.

The number of UK visa grants must be "brought down to 50,000 a year if we are to keep our population from hitting 70 million. So with net immigration last year of nearly 240,000, the Government clearly needs to act urgently. Mass immigration is simply unsustainable. Strains are appearing everywhere" the MPs said in a statement to The Sun newspaper.

The two MPs say that strains on the public health and hospital system and public comprehensive education can be attributed to an increase in immigration. Furthermore, they argue that current housing and other resources are inadequate to cater to the rising population.

"If immigration is allowed to continue at its current level, about 200 homes will need to be built every day of the week for the next 23 years, and that is just to house those coming into this country."

The MPs have urged the Government to base policy on opinion poll results which testify to the UK public's support for an immigration decrease, rather than acquiesce to the wishes of the Government's junior coalition partner - the Liberal Democrats - who have a strong pro-immigration stance.

"To its credit the Government is currently consulting on such a change. But with a powerful pro-immigration lobby, it is crucial that ministers are again reminded of the strength of voters' views," the statement said.

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