01 July 2010

UK Visa cap consultation now launched

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The expert body that advises government on the impacts of immigration has launched a consultation on the annual UK Visa limit for non-EU migrants.

The Migration Advisory Committee will gather evidence to help determine the appropriate UK Visa limit, which will be implemented in April 2011.

Submissions can be made to the consultation until 7 September 2010, and the advice will be presented to the government by the end of that month.

The process will look at Tier 1 and 2 of the UK immigration points system, and cover both skilled people applying to work in the UK with a job offer, and those applying without an offer.

MAC chair, Professor David Metcalf, said: “The MAC is pleased that it has been asked to carry out this work and looks forward to working with its partners to develop robust and well-informed advice to the government.”

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