23 Aug 12

New Zealand visa rule threatens migrant's stay

One Wreys Bush resident could face the prospect of having to return to his native Czech Republic after unknowingly failing to meet the requirements of his New Zealand visa.
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21 Aug 12

Backpackers bump up NZ economy

Recent New Zealand immigration statistics show backpackers visiting the country contribute more to the country's economy than any other tourist, and NZ is keen to capitalise.
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25 Jul 12

New Zealand visa scam solved

A scam which saw 279 Chinese students receive a fraudulent New Zealand visa and many of them make it into the country successfully has caused a major embarrassment to New Zealand immigration authorities but can be traced back to a single immigration agent.
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18 Jun 12

New Zealand visa problems for earthquake rebuilders

Foreign nationals who have travelled to Christchurch to assist with the cleanup operation of the 2011 earthquake have complained of difficulty in achieving a New Zealand visa.
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15 Jun 12

Refugee Council slams NZ immigration proposal

The Refugee Council of New Zealand has spoken out over a proposed amendment to New Zealand immigration law which addresses the prospect of mass arrivals.
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13 Jun 12

New Zealand visa scam tricks thousands of Tongans

Thousands of Tongans have fallen victim to a New Zealand visa scam which has left many requiring urgent assistance from the government.
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12 Jun 12

Politician calls for New Zealand visa exception

As the New Zealand visa application and acceptance rate drops for Christchurch, Labour MP Lianne Dalziel has said visa rules should be relaxed to allow the city's cleanup operation to continue.
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30 May 12

New Zealand visa scheme goes from strength to strength

Recent research shows a New Zealand visa scheme which allows foreign workers to work on agricultural projects within the country continues to benefit the country as a whole.
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15 May 12

New Zealand visa numbers fall

New Zealand's Department of Labour has reported that the number of people entering on a New Zealand visa has fallen 12% in the past nine months.
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11 May 12

New Zealand immigration authorities catch people smuggling couple

New Zealand immigration authorities have arrested a husband and wife couple suspected of attempting to smuggle nine women through the country.
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11 May 12

Union speaks out against New Zealand visa surplus

The decision to grant a New Zealand visa to over 300 applicants despite a computer error has sparked outrage from a national trade union.
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