23 Apr 13

New Zealand immigration rates rise

The latest New Zealand immigration statistics show a record positive monthly net rate since January 2010.
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22 Apr 13

New Zealand immigration to fuel Christchurch rebuild

With the rebuild operation still to get properly underway in Christchurch, construction operators are turning to New Zealand immigration options to find the labour they need.
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19 Apr 13

Tourism New Zealand welcomes same-sex marriage law

A law legalising same-sex marriage in New Zealand has been welcomed by the country's tourist body, which has launched a social-media campaign to lure same-sex couples to the country.
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09 Apr 13

PM signs fast-track New Zealand visa deal

A deal to allow frequent Chinese tourists and visitors to quickly and easily obtain a New Zealand visa has been signed by Prime Minister John Key.
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02 Apr 13

Asia dominates New Zealand immigration rates

Asian countries have become the main source of New Zealand immigration, although the UK remains the largest single contributor.
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15 Mar 13

India overtakes UK in New Zealand immigration rates

The latest New Zealand immigration figures show that India has become the largest source country of skilled migrants, overtaking the UK.
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08 Mar 13

New Zealand visa concern as student numbers drop

The number of New Zealand visa applications granted to foreign students has fallen by nearly a quarter in the past four years, prompting the government to defend its program.
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04 Mar 13

Nurses criticise change to New Zealand immigration policy

A decision to remove certain nursing specialities from the list of long term skill shortages in New Zealand immigration guidelines has angered nursing organisations who say existing nurses, already overworked, will have to take up the slack.
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26 Feb 13

New Zealand immigration minister joins mayor to honour international education industry

New Zealand Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse will join Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown this week to pay tribute to the economic contribution of the international education industry in New Zealand.
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01 Feb 13

Immigration New Zealand warn of fake job offers

New Zealand immigration officials have issued a worldwide warning for those wanting to move to New Zealand to beware of fake job offers.
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29 Jan 13

Doubts over New Zealand visa condition to help Christchurch rebuild

A new requirement for employers to carry out employment checks has been criticised by one employment lawyer who claims the added step will slow down the ability to recruit new staff.
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