28 May 2008

New Zealand wants to attract more British travellers

The tourism industry in New Zealand has chosen to change tactics to attract travellers to the country. It is hoped that the change will attract more people to New Zealand on working holiday visas.

It has been reported that New Zealand is looking to attract more travellers from Britain and urge them to take the trip or working holiday in New Zealand now, rather than later. Working holidaymakers make a significant contribution to the tourist economy in New Zealand. The tourism industry is gathering at a conference this week with around 320 tour operators flooding into the country.

Damien O'Connor, the tourism minister, George Hickton, chief executive of Tourism New Zealand, and Norm Thompson, chief executive of Tourism Industry Association, said disappointing tourism rates needed to be addressed. Last year saw only a one per cent increase in tourist visits to New Zealand. The Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand is especially popular with backpackers from the UK.

Anyone interested in taking a working holiday to New Zealand should confirm their eligibility by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online New Zealand visa assessment.

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