20 December 2010

New Zealand Immigration assisting Pike River immigrant workers

Immigration New Zealand is working closely with the migrant workers formerly employed at Pike River coal to explore all their options, department head Nigel Bickle said.

New Zealand visa

Immigration New Zealand is assisting migrant workers from Pike River mine in exploring their options to say in the country.

None of the workers or their families have been asked to leave the country, and they will be able to remain on a temporary visa for the time being.

“We understand this is a difficult time for the affected migrant workers and their families.

“We have reassured them they can remain on a temporary visa so they all have sufficient time to make decisions about their future. This includes allowing them to obtain alternative offers of employment,” Mr Bickle said.

“We want to ensure that all migrant workers who have lost their jobs have sufficient time to seek alternative offers of employment and to make decisions about their longer term future”.

Each request will be decided on a case by case basis so that the type and duration of any New Zealand Visa issued will depend on their individual circumstances.

New Zealand immigration staff were in Greymouth late last week talking with the affected workers  at the Housing New Zealand offices and exploring all the options with them.  

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