20 April 2009

Fijian volleyballers still awaiting New Zealand visa approval

The New Zealand visa applications for players on the Women's National Fijian Volleyball teams are waiting approval so that they can play in next week's New Zealand tournament.

While the New Zealand visa applications have yet to be approved, the teams are due to fly to Porirua in Wellington to play in the Oceania Zonal Championships to start next Monday. 

The New Zealand visaapplications for the rest of the women's and men's teams were finally approved last week, reports the Fiji Daily Post, although two women's applications were still undergoing inquiries from Immigration New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government has imposed a travel sanction on all Fijians who are linked to personnel in the Fijian military, which overthrew the ruling Fijian government three years ago and has not responded to calls to return the government to its legal leaders.

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