13 November 2008

NZ universities luring Indian students from choosing UK and US

Universities in New Zealand are stepping up their marketing in India to attract more prospective students to consider studying in New Zealand rather than the UK or US, reports the Economic Times. They say New Zealand universities are the better option than Britain- and US-based institutions for Indian students looking to study abroad.

According to a student consultancy firm in New Zealand, 5,000 Indians move to New Zealand annually to study, contributing to 10 per cent of the country's yearly migration quota.

The firm claims more Indians are attracted to studying in the Pacific because of its vicinity to their home country and relatively easier visa application process, when compared with the US and the UK.  Further, if a student eventually attains citizenship in New Zealand they are entitled to visa-free access to Australia.

The government is offering Indian students who are holders of a New Zealand student visa a wealth of opportunities, including an extra nine months after their study has finished so they can apply for a work permit and find a job. 

"This period can be used to look for jobs and after getting one, a student can apply for work permit," Paul Vaughan, Trade Commissioner of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, told The Indian Express.

"There's huge opportunity lying in New Zealand mainly in business management, IT and computer application, hospitality management, automobile and aviation sector.  For the past few years, we are observing a good trend that a large number of students - from Punjab, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh - are shifting their base to New Zealand," a spokesperson from the firm said.

The New Zealand Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with their New Zealand visa application.

Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.

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