10 December 2010

Interim New Zealand Visa system to come into effect on 7 February 2011

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The new interim New Zealand Visa system that will come into effect in February next year will help overseas students, workers and visitors who wish to extend their stay.

New Zealand visa

An interim New Zealand visa system will come into effect early next year.

The interim New Zealand Visa is a new type of visa that was introduced by the Immigration Act 2009. The aim of interim visas is to maintain a person’s lawful status in New Zealand, where he or she holds a valid temporary visa and has applied for a further temporary visa.
In most cases an interim visa will be granted automatically by electronic means, and there is no fee and no visa label. People who are granted interim visas will be notified by email or by letter. The interim visa will be valid until the date a person’s application for a temporary visa is decided (up to a maximum of six months).

An interim visa cannot be used for travel: this means that if the holder of an interim visa leaves New Zealand, his or her visa will automatically expire, so it is important not to leave the country until the full visa is issued.

Whether the holder of an interim visa can work or study is shown by the conditions of the interim visa. These conditions depend on the visa he or she held previously, and the type and conditions of the visa applied for.

No one is entitled to an interim visa as a matter of right. Whether or not to grant an interim visa to any person is a matter for the absolute discretion of the relevant immigration officer or of the Minister of Immigration. 

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