02 December 2009

New Zealand immigration to accept previous version medical certificates until 2010

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New Zealand Immigration has announced it will continue to accept previous versions of the medical certificants until 2010.

New Zealand Immigration updated and redesigned the Medical and Chest X-Ray Certificate (NZIS 1007) and the Temporary Entry X-Ray Certificate (NZIS 1096) in July this year.

Initially, the Government announced they would accept the old versions of the medical certificates with New Zealand Visa applications only until 30 November.

However, because there are still copies of the previous versions in circulation the Government is extending the period during which they will accept the previous versions so as not to inconvenience applicants.

There has been no change to the health requirements for New Zealand Visa applicants, and all overseas nationals who intend to be in New Zealand for more than 12 months must submit a medical certificate with their application.

All New Zealand residence applicants must submit the prescribed Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray Certificate (NZIS 1007) with their application.

All New Zealand Working Holiday Visa applicants intending to be in the country for more than 12 months must provide a completed medical certificate.  If they are a citizen of a country that is not a low incidence country for TB, or in the last five years they have spent a total of three months or more in a country that is not a ‘low incidence TB country’, and if they intend to be in New Zealand for more than six months, they will also be required to undergo a chest X-ray.

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