01 February 2013

Immigration New Zealand warn of fake job offers

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New Zealand immigration officials have issued a worldwide warning for those wanting to move to New Zealand to beware of fake job offers.

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Immigration New Zealand say scammers are selling fake job offers to visa applicants.

A job offer is required for many categories of New Zealand visa but Immigration New Zealand (INZ) have received reports of scammers selling manufactured job offers on official letter headed paper for up to NZ$4,000 (£2,125).

The job offers reportedly promise nonexistent positions in a range of industries in demand in New Zealand including IT, healthcare and retail; INZ is keen to ensure all potential migrants around the world are aware of the scam.

"We have ensured that information on this scam is available to all our decision makers globally," said INZ General Manager Nicola Hogg.

Ms Hogg said scammers were taking advantage of many people's eagerness to move to New Zealand to make easy money and, given the global nature of the scam, it is almost impossible to retrieve any lost monies. In order to combat the scammers, Ms Hogg urged all visa applicants to ensure any job offer is genuine.

"While people are free to find out for themselves about the requirements for work in New Zealand, work opportunities and to arrange jobs, anyone who needs immigration advice should only use a licensed immigration adviser."

INZ said many of the 'job offers' had been printed on letter headed paper from well-known recruitment agency Kelly Services. However, Victoria Robertson, Kelly Services' general manager, said there are several inaccuracies on the papers that proved they are forgeries including the layout and brand while the name often quoted as the consultant had never worked at Kelly Services.

Ms Robertson said Kelly Services did not charge when sourcing employment and would be cooperating with INZ to minimise the damages of the scam.

"We have followed up this matter with the relevant authorities and have made our global team aware of the false use of our brand in this regard."

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