05 Sep 06

US: Law reforms cause concern for Colorado employers

New laws in Colorado are causing concern amongst employers who have seen a dramatic drop-off in applications for job vacancies, and fear huge labour shortages.
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01 Sep 06

Concerns raised over US visa grant for Khatami

The United States decision to grant a visa for former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has drawn criticism from some politicians and a Jewish rights group, who say they consider Iran a threat to the country.
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31 Aug 06

Blue collar workers boost investment property run in Australia

Blue collar workers have helped boost the number of Australians planning to buy investment property in the next year, according to Wizard Home Loans and Australia News.
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30 Aug 06

New Zealand relaxes health requirement for Zimbabwean residency seekers

Zimbabwean nationals living in New Zealand applying for the Special Zimbabwe Residence Policy will be exempt from the requirement to be of an acceptable standard of health.
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29 Aug 06

Brits flock Down Under for education

Australia's Daily Telegraph reports an increasing number of British students are heading to Australia and New Zealand to further their education.
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22 Aug 06

Faster visa for Czechs visiting Australia

Tourists wanting to visit Australia from the Czech Republic will now get a visa within minutes, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Amanda Vanstone announced today.
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21 Aug 06

New Zealand relaxes family migration rules

New Zealand's immigration rules are being relaxed to make it easier for people to bring their partners and children into the country.
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18 Aug 06

Numbers up for New Zealand

New Zealand's population gained 1,400 new immigrants last month as the country continues to attract more and more migrants.
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18 Aug 06

US: Warning over visa lottery emails

The American Immigration Lawyers Association have warned the public against falling victim to a hoax email claiming the recipient has won the 'visa lottery.'
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16 Aug 06

Immigrants making ground across United States

The latest United States census figures show that the immigrant population has rised 16% in the last five years, and especially so in areas that have not previously seen significant numbers of new settlers.
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15 Aug 06

457 Visa programme benefits Australia

Research into temporary skilled migration in Australia has found that the employer sponsored Long-stay Business Visa, or the 457 Visa, has been highly beneficial to the country.
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