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Australian Work and Holiday Visa - Character and Medical Requirements

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To be eligible for a Work and Holiday visa, you must be considered to be of good character.  In addition, some Work and Holiday Visa applicants must meet health requirements.

Australian Work and Holiday Visas

Young people aged between 18 and 30 years can travel and work in Australia for up to 12 months on a Work and Holiday Visa. Working Holiday Australian visas are best for gap-year travellers who want to explore Australia.

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Through applying and paying for your Work and Holiday Visa through the Australian Visa Bureau, your application will be managed through to completion by our Visa Processing Department. The cost of applying for the visa with the Australian Visa Bureau is £349, which covers the cost of the visa and also the additional service of your details being checked and confirmed as accurate by an experienced visa consultancy before being lodged to the Australian Government's processing system, to provide you with complete assurance that your visa will be approved without any issue. You will also be given access to our Working Holiday Visa Platinum Package, which includes exclusive bonuses like free hostel nights, discounts and offers on activities and travel in Australia and provides assistance setting up such essentials like an Australian bank and an Australian Tax File Number. The service also entitles you to access our email and telephonic helpdesk to ensure that your visa application is a seamless, simple process.

You can also apply for your Australian Work and Holiday Visa via the Australian Government website. Your eligibility will depend on the country of your passport and the purpose / length of your visit. The current cost of the visa is AU$440 (plus credit card surcharge & foreign exchange fees).

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Good Character

For the purposes of Work and Holiday Visas, being of good character means that you must not present a significant risk that you will engage in criminal conduct in Australia.  You must not be at risk to harass molest, intimidate or stalk another person in Australia; vilify a segment of the community; incite discord in the community; represent a danger to the Australian community, or any part of the Australian community.

In addition, you must not have a substantial criminal record.  You may have a substantial criminal record if you have been:

Medicals and Health

A medical test (i.e. a medical examination which may include a chest x-ray, HIV, Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C test) may be required if:

Depending on the circumstances, the Australian Government office has the right to add further health requirements at the discretion of the visa processing officer.